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"A wonderful software package that...tracks every crumb of the acting life...The income and expenses section looks like Microsoft Money or Quicken; it bests them by being formatted for an actor's expenses right out of the box."


"I love what you offer! It’s much more comprehensive than most products that help actors track their profession. Kudo’s to you!"

"This is the sort of software you want, and frankly, need. Knowing where you've been, where you're going, and if you're profiting is the bottom line necessity of being in business." 

--Bob Fraser



Customer Raves

"Exactly what I need... from the ability to log tax withholding information, to being able to track commercial conflicts, and everything in between. Whatever your level is Protalent Software has exactly what you'll need to make handling the essential business of performing as fun as the art. Thank you so much!"  --Steve Tom, Hollywood



"It's excellent and very clean and easy to use. I am able to see my progress & it makes me work harder, plus keeping track of contacts & every audition & booking detail is essential. I especially love the 'wardrobe' section because you can see what wardrobe worked." --J. Callender, NYC



"You have a wonderful, reasonably priced product that is so helpful to actors. Ours is relationship-based business and your software helps track the details of every job - every professional relationship - and that can only lead to more work!  --Anne Hall, MD, 3-Time Best Female VO


"I love how organized I feel. I know I have in one place all the information I have gathered to keep my contacts up-to-date. You're doing a great job!" 

--Melissa E. Carroll, NYC


"I completed a years worth of tax preparation in one day because of the ease of use with this software!!! I am very, very happy and I'm sure my accountant will be too. I was going to use quickbooks, but it didn't have the accounts set up and it is much more complex to use. I love the charts and the analysis sheets."  --Jillian Kinsman, Florida

"Just what I was looking for...easy to use."

--Lada Darewych, Canada


"I don't know what I did before; this product has been a Godsend!"

--Matti Shicker, Chicago

"I couldn't be happier; referring it to all of my industry friends. They call it Show Business for a reason; its a business and this is just what every actor needs. 

--Audri Inez Marchionno, Hollywood

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